(SOUNDBITE OF THE BIGTOP ORCHESTRA’S “TEETER BOARD: FOLIES BERGERE (MARCH AND TWO-STEP)”) AYESHA RASCOE, HOST: Hey, there. It’s the NPR POLITICS PODCAST. I’m Ayesha Rascoe. I cover the White House. NINA TOTENBERG, BYLINE: And I’m Nina Totenberg. I cover the Supreme Court. RASCOE: And this is The Docket, our ongoing series where we break down the biggest legal questions of the day. And, Nina, it has been over a decade since the Supreme Court last took up a case involving gun rights. But next Wednesday, that’s going to change. In 2008, the court ruled that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, that that guarantees individuals the right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. But now in 2021, the question is how far a state may go in regulating an individual carrying a gun outside of their home. So, I guess, can you tell me a little bit more about this case? TOTENBERG: This case comes from New York. It’s the state’s so-called proper cause law. It requires a license to carry a gun outside the home, and it restricts those licenses to people who are going hunting or to target practice and those who can demonstrate a need for self-protection, like a bank messenger carrying cash or a store owner who wants to keep a gun in his store for self-protection. The state, however, does not allow people to get concealed-carry permits just because they have kind of a generalized fear that makes them […]

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