25 Investigates: Secret group illegally raffling off high-powered guns on Facebook

BOSTON — A secret Massachusetts group has been illegally raffling off hundreds of high-powered guns on Facebook, 25 Investigates uncovered. Some of the guns, such as a Beretta ARX100 rifle, aren’t even legal to own in Massachusetts without making safety modifications, according to guidelines from the state Attorney General’s Office. But that didn’t stop organizers of the secret, 800-member group from raffling off the firearms online and telling the winners they would have to make them legal. WATCH THE FULL STORY ABOVE: 25 Investigates obtained video of the illegal gun raffles on Facebook. Investigative Reporter Eric Rasmussen found this secret pipeline of money and guns changing hands out of the view and the authority of the law. Some of group’s organizers pushed members to evade taxes and even held a gun drawing to pump the cash proceeds into the coffers of a Republican state attorney general candidate. Other organizers […]

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