2nd Amendment Right's activists push for gun sanctuaries in Illinois

2nd Amendment Right’s activists push for gun sanctuaries in Illinois

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS) — Residents from across the county came to hear from local leaders about different issues that affect our rights as citizens. The town hall covered topics tonight ranging from Right-to-Life and the 10th Amendment but the biggest talker was protecting Second Amendment rights. "I’d like to see my son and my grandson be able to enjoy the same freedoms that I enjoyed all of my life so I’ve always been a great second amendment supporter and I’m still a second amendment supporter," Gun owner Tom Shafer said. Shafer came today in support of hearing what local legislators had to say about new laws being passed. "It’s important that we go, it’s important that we write, it’s important that we call, and it’s important that we vote," State Representative David Campbell (R-Oakland) said. Being vocal with local legislators was a big point made by residents and County Board Members. "We want the doers here," Effingham County Board member David Campbell said. "I don’t care if there’s only five people here. If you’re doers, that’s the people we want here." Gun sanctuaries-which tries to limit U.S. gun control- was a hot topic. "It’s really push back to the General Assembly who is passing all kinds of laws as it relates to our second Amendment," Town Hall organizer Rosanna Pulido said. "We wanted to see Sangamon County be a Sanctuary County for gun owners." According to local county board members, 70 Illinois counties are gun sanctuaries and Sangamon County […]

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