6 GOP talking points that show why the gun control debate isn’t changing anytime soon

6 GOP talking points that show why the gun control debate isn't changing anytime soon

TX Lt. gov.: Too many school entrances, exits 01:29 (CNN)If you want to understand why the idea of any sort of major — or, really, minor — change in gun laws in the wake of yet another school shooting is a pipe dream, all you needed to do is listen to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. In a series of media appearances on Sunday, Patrick, a Republican, spoke extensively about what caused the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas — and how he thinks future shootings like it can be prevented. "The video games issue, we have got to address in this country. … The vast majority [of psychologists and psychiatrists] will tell you it leads them to become numb to violence, to have less empathy to their victims and be more aggressive." "We have 50 million abortions. We have families that are broken apart, no fathers at home. We have incredible heinous violence as a game, two hours a day in front of their eyes. And we stand here and we wonder why this happens to certain students." "Gun ownership — and I’m a proud gun owner — that comes with responsibility of gun control in your home." "We need to — we need our teachers to be armed. We — you know, when you have — when you are facing someone who is an active shooter, the best way to take that shooter down is with a gun. But even better than that is four or […]

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