A Fear Of The Other Party Fuels Culture War In Kansas’ U.S. Senate Race

A Fear Of The Other Party Fuels Culture War In Kansas' U.S. Senate Race

El Dorado resident Hal Neukirch (right) attends an Oct. 3 rally for U.S. Senate candidate Roger Marshall and other Republican candidates. Kansas Republican voters say they’re worried about a "radical" shift to the left if the Democrats win back the Senate. And Kansas Democrats say democracy as a concept is at risk if Republicans stay in power. EL DORADO, Kansas — The culture war issues that are polarizing national politics are also front and center in Kansas’ U.S. Senate contest: race, guns, abortion, climate change. Supporters of Republican candidate Roger Marshall fear a wave of Democratic victories will trigger radical changes in the nation’s economy and culture; that capitalism will give way to socialism, undocumented immigrants will stream across the U.S.-Mexico border and individual liberties will be threatened. Voters who favor Democratic candidate Barbara Bollier talk with similar alarm about what might happen if President Donald Trump wins a second term and Republicans keep their Senate majority — further erosion of democratic institutions and dire consequences for failing to act on climate change and long-neglected racial issues. “No other Western democracy is remotely as polarized as America,” said Mugambi Jouet, an assistant law professor at Canada’s McGill University and author of the book, “Exceptional America: What Divides Americans From the World and From Each Other.” High stakes A Democrat hasn’t won a U.S. Senate race in Kansas since the Great Depression, but several recent polls suggest this year’s contest could be close. Marshall, a two-term congressman from western Kansas, […]

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