A gun confiscation finally goes into effect and police are going door-to-door. Your home is next — what do you do?

A couple of other answers have addressed this, but I’ll chime in. You talk about the police as if they are some robotic, unquestioning, never disobedient arm of the government. They are not. They are made up of people who are your neighbors and citizens. They are PEOPLE, and more importantly, they are citizens of these great United States. They can think and make decisions on their own. In fact, that is what they are trained to do much better than the average citizen. They take into account a totality of circumstances that they can perceive and make decisions (usually very quick ones) based on that. You’re telling me that this group of individuals who think, and feel, and have families themselves, and above all of this have sworn an oath to serve and protect their communities, this group of individuals suddenly is brainwashed into going door-to-door confiscating weapons that a great number of them believe help prevent crime, not cause it? I truly hope you see the absurdity in that premise. “What about the military then?” you ask. Please see above, and substitute that oath to “serve and protect” to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic .” So unless you have changed the Constitution of the United States, they would be going against their sworn fealty in confiscating weapons from citizens. If you have changed the Constitution, then this battle is likely already raging on, and there is no […]

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