A Gun Problem?

Here we go again with a so-called gun problem. Nashville’s mayor, David Briley, responded to the Waffle House attack by a mentally deranged individual by calling for more comprehensive gun reform. However, when sociopaths used airplanes to murder almost 3,000 people and injure over 6,000 more on 9/11, there was no call for banning airplanes! When Sociopaths use trucks or vans to murder people as happened recently in Toronto, there is no call to ban trucks or vans! Approximately 30,000 Americans are killed by automobiles annually. Is there a call to ban automobiles? Where is the outrage about the thousands of unborn babies murdered annually by Planned Parenthood? There has been no call for the banning of the forceps used in these murders! It is even sanctioned and financed by the federal government. Comprehensive gun reform is just another term by those protected by armed bodyguards to confiscate legally […]

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