A gun safety class… for women only

A gun safety class... for women only

Instructor Steven Calvaresi holds an unloaded Glock he used to demonstrate some of the characteristics of different handguns. On Sunday [Oct. 24] in Harrisonburg, students learned the ins and outs of concealed handgun permits. The class, for women only, also covered when an ordinary citizen is legally justified in using deadly force. WMRA’s Randi B Hagi reports. More than 40 women gathered in a conference room at the DoubleTree hotel for a concealed handgun permit course. It was put on by Focused Fire , a Florida-based company that offers classes in 27 states. Most of their firearms instructors are either active law enforcement officers or have a military background. Steven Calvaresi was in the Marine Corps for 13 years. Calvaresi works teaches courses for Focus Fire, a Florida-based company that offers classes in 27 states. STEVEN CALVARESI: You can prepare to defend yourself if you believe a deadly force encounter is imminent. You don’t have to wait until you’re already getting stabbed to death and then pull your gun out. The atmosphere in the room was jovial through much of the three-hour class, even while Calvaresi talked through violent scenarios and personal responsibility. CALVARESI: But just, you know, some dude is being loud outside a bar, “ooo, I don’t like the Dallas Cowboys,” or something and you’re like, [grabs gun] “what’d you say?” No. [audience laughter] Don’t pull that kind of stunt, okay? You will go to jail for that. He also went over basic gun safety, the concealed […]

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