A ‘sanctuary county’ in Illinois for paranoid gun owners? I’ll help you move!

A 'sanctuary county' in Illinois for paranoid gun owners? I'll help you move!

The Effingham County board passed a resolution April 16, 2018, declaring the county a sanctuary for gun owners. (Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune) Great news! A south-central Illinois county is now a self-declared sanctuary for gun owners. That’s right, officials in Effingham County — my favorite Illinois county that ends in “ham” — have decided they won’t accept any state laws that “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.” Granted, there are no state laws that do that, but such trivial matters were of no concern to the gun-positive county board members who passed the resolution Monday on an 8-1 vote. According to the Effingham Daily News, one resident spoke in support of the resolution and “argued that far more people die from tobacco and alcohol use than are killed by people who legally own guns.” “We, as a society, need to stop thinking about things that don’t matter,” the […]

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