A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for Tyranny and Injustice

Many years ago that statement would be looked at as conspiracy, an old codger with a few screws loose. Today’s world is very different. If you think for a moment that statement is untrue you are part of the problem. Today’s children have been indoctrinated to believe we should not be free to live. They believe government knows best. To take over a population and control what they believe you have to perform two crucial steps. First, you must disarm the populace so that they can not defend themselves from an out of control government. Second, you must control how they think. How do you do that? You remove free speech, freedom of religion. You create a world where no matter how heinous a person is it is the right choice for them, therefore it is not wrong. If you believe we are not at the brink of the abyss you are the problem. Everyone who still believes in this country and its constitution you must fight back in any way you can. Be prepared, they will want to jail you for your beliefs, they will want to silence you, but you cannot allow them to win. If you don’t believe me look at the DOJ, FBI, NSA, those agencies are actively looking for anyone who still believes in freedom and small government. Join us, we still support freedom of speech, religion and gun rights. Join the fight, we offer a social platform for everyone to share, free from tyranny. Facebook is dead for conservatives.

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