Abbott’s plan to tame the West passes Texas gun group’s test

Abbott's plan to tame the West passes Texas gun group's test

Subscribe to McClatchy’s Beyond the Bubble show on iTunes here or Stitcher . Today’s top news by email The local news you need to start your day In a single sweeping proposal, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is breathing life into gun violence prevention measures local advocates say they’ve struggled for years to promote. While the plan doesn’t address gun safety groups’ top priority of universal background checks, Ed Scruggs, a leader of the gun safety group Texas Gun Sense, said the governor’s proposals are upending a decades-long focus on expanding gun rights in a gun-friendly state — not keeping guns away from criminals. “When it comes to gun violence prevention, on a scale of one to 10… we were probably about a negative 12,” Scruggs told McClatchy’s Beyond the Bubble podcast. “Now, we’re about an eight.” Other gun safety groups are less optimistic about Abbott’s proposal , which the governor assembled in response to a deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas last month. Texas Gun Sense was the only gun safety group invited to provide input, marking the first time any gun safety group has met with the state’s sitting governor since Democrat Ann Richards held office more than 20 years ago. “Abbott’s plan doesn’t go far enough because it doesn’t touch the issue of background checks,” said Scruggs. “That being said, some of his other proposals are actually very good proposals, that will make a difference.” Abbott is asking lawmakers in Austin to draft legislation […]

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