Abortion fight adds to Biden’s growing policy backlog

Abortion fight adds to Biden's growing policy backlog

Joe Biden wants to marshal the full power of the federal government to fight back against a ban on most abortions in Texas. But the president’s efforts may end the same way as so many other elements of his ambitious agenda: with success proving elusive . The White House is heavily reliant on Congress for action to preserve abortion rights, just as he is on voting protections, gun safety and virtually every other domestic policy goal. But with razor-thin Democratic majorities and the need for 60 votes to pass relevant legislation in the Senate, Biden’s opportunities for meaningful victories are dimming. Indeed, priority legislation for critical Democratic constituencies is falling by the wayside as Congress gears up for a fall packed with spending and budget fights. And it’s leaving party members fearful that they’ll enter the 2022 campaign season with a slew of broken promises as Biden backslides in polls, Covid-19 cases rise, job numbers fluctuate and a crisis of confidence unfolds over the administration’s handling of foreign policy — most symbolically, the Afghanistan drawdown. Texas’ abortion law adds to the growing number of issues Biden is being pushed to prioritize, including reforming police departments, rewriting immigraton laws and raising the federal minimum wage. They’re all issues he promised to tackle with speed. And it’s raising the pressure on him to support a fundamental restructuring of the other two branches of government, including eliminating the Senate filibuster and expanding the Supreme Court. “If you think about what’s happened in […]

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