Activists ask board to make Sangamon ‘gun sanctuary’ county

The board listened, but took no action on the request Gun rights supporters were at the Sangamon County Board meeting Tuesday requesting that board members adopt a resolution declaring Sangamon a gun sanctuary county. No such resolution was on the agenda, but board members listened as three Springfield residents spoke in favor of the proposal. They are opposed to additional gun restrictions at the state level and asked the county board to take a stand. “Tonight, I ask you to please consider protecting your constituents and the voters and the taxpayers of Sangamon County,” said Springfield resident Rosanna Pulido. “Please pass a resolution to make Sangamon County a sanctuary for gun owners.” Other Illinois counties, including nearby Christian County, have adopted gun sanctuary resolutions. The terminology comes from so-called sanctuary cities, such as Chicago, that don’t cooperate with aspects of federal immigration enforcement. Speaking before the meeting, Sangamon County Administrator Brian McFadden said the county has an informal policy that it does not weigh in on symbolic measures that are outside its regulatory authority. Even if the county were to pass a gun sanctuary resolution, it would not affect the enforcement of federal, state or local gun laws. “We’re approached on a fairly regular basis by various groups to weigh in on issues like abortion, guns, gay marriage, or other issues that are not under the county’s purview,” McFadden said prior to Tuesday’s meeting. “The feeling has been that if you address one of these, then you are going […]

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