After pro-gun shirt lawsuit, WCSD is changing dress code policy

After pro-gun shirt lawsuit, WCSD changing dress code policy RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) — The Washoe County School District is changing its dress code to remove language that made it against district policy to wear clothing that promotes weapons. Washoe County School District Statement on Dress Code – 5/18/18 The move comes less than a month after a WCSD student sued the district for being told he couldn’t wear pro-gun t-shirts on campus earlier this school year. Parents were informed of the upcoming change by email and phone Thursday evening. According to the email, WCSD is in the process of removing the following language from its dress code: "no sexual overtones or anything which promotes weapons, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gang membership, or violence." That section of the dress code is being changed to the following: “Nothing that promotes an illegal activity, including underage drinking, illegal drug use, domestic abuse, gang membership, battery, assault, or any other civil or criminal conduct which would violate state or federal law.” On April 24, a Depoali Middle School eighth-grader sued WCSD, alleging that his First Amendment rights were violated when administrators told him on multiple occasions he couldn’t wear pro-gun t-shirts. According to the lawsuit, the student was first disciplined in November 2017 for wearing a shirt from a local gun store. The shirt had the logo of Sparks Black Rifle using silhouettes of a handgun and a rifle. He was again punished in March for wearing a different shirt […]

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