After the Annapolis shooting, the anti-gun crowd’s silence is deafening

After the Annapolis shooting, the anti-gun crowd's silence is deafening

As we know, a madman stormed the Capital Gazette building in Annapolis on June 29, killing five. One would think that after any mass shooting, there would be an immediate onslaught of messaging about “access to guns,” and calls for stricter gun laws from the anti-gun crowd. That wasn’t the case this time, though. The response was mostly silence. A silence that tells us what we can expect if gun controllers get their way, but these tragedies inevitably continue to happen: More silence. Of course, there were some exceptions . Senate Democrats would be running to check Nancy Pelosi ’s batteries if she didn’t propose a bill every time she heard someone say the word “gun,” but most people were pretty shy about gun control this time. Why? Because the anti-gun crowd isn’t about saving lives, they’re about pushing a narrative — a narrative this shooting didn’t fit. For one, the shooting couldn’t be blamed on some sort of black-clad, high-tech killing machine. Rather, it was carried out with the primitive yet pervasive weapon that has remained mostly unchanged since the late 1800s: the shotgun. It would be incredibly hard, if not impossible, to get people to rally around shotgun restrictions, and characterizing a shotgun as an “assault-something” would further push the “assault weapon” debate toward meaninglessness. The attack couldn’t be blamed on lax gun laws this time either. It happened in Maryland, a veritable hellhole for gun owners. This made the Capital Gazette shooting tactically unsound for anti-gun […]

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