AG Knudsen Leads 22-State SCOTUS Brief Against Federal Firearm Accessory Ban

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is leading a coalition of 21 other state attorneys general in defense of the Second Amendment, asking the U.S. Supreme Court to rule against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) rulemaking that would immediately transform hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners into criminals. The attorneys general filed an amicus brief today in the Gun Owners of America v. Merrick Garland case saying that the ATF’s Final Rule on Bump-Stock-Type Devices contravened federal law – as well as longstanding ATF policy – when it informed owners of bump stocks that they must surrender or destroy their bump stocks to avoid criminal liability. A United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit panel rightly ruled against the ATF in March of last year, concluding that bump stock accessories do not transform commonly used semi-automatic firearms into “machineguns.” Following that ruling, the full Sixth Circuit Court allowed the ATF’s rule to stand, after an even split only allowed it to issue an order affirming the district court. “This significance of this case goes beyond any firearm accessory and gun rights. No federal agency should be able to create criminal code without Congressional authorization,” Attorney General Knudsen said. “The Supreme Court must take up this important case to uphold the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment and affirm this important check on the federal executive’s power.” “Actions like the ATF’s do not just violate important principles of administrative law. They also illustrate how […]

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