Ain’t that America?

This time, the mass shooting happened in Virginia. A Walmart employee opened fire at the store in Chesapeake, Va., where he worked, killing at least six people. He also died. This followed the mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colo. There, another gunman shot more than 20 people, killing five of them before heroic bystanders subdued him. That followed another shooting in Virginia in which three University of Virginia football players were shot dead on the way back from a college field trip. Which followed — ah, any number of other mass shootings. Here in America, we have shootings at shopping malls. We have them in churches. In the workplace. And, of course, in schools. Lots of them in schools. These shootings occur in states that have strict gun laws. They occur with even greater regularity in states that have lax gun laws. They take place everywhere, all the time. That’s because we are a nation awash in guns. The United States of America has less than 5% of the world’s population. Americans, though, own more than half the guns in private possession on the globe. There are, in fact, more guns than there are people in this country. The United States has a population of a little more than 332 million people. The most conservative estimates of the number of privately owned guns in this country comes in at more than 400 million. There are more than 20 million privately owned AR-styled firearms in America. […]

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