Akron mayor says he’ll fight gun violence with ‘significant’ money from federal, local sources

Akron mayor says he'll fight gun violence with 'significant' money from federal, local sources

The mayor of Akron intends to use “significant resources" from the federal American Rescue Plan to combat gun violence. “I don’t know what that’s going to look like just yet, but it’s going to be a top priority not only for the chief but for us in the community,” Horrigan said, using his virtual town hall on Facebook Monday to plug the city’s national search for a new police chief. According to Congressman Tim Ryan’s office, the city of Akron will get an estimated $153,370,000 from the federal COVID relief legislation signed into law by President Joe Biden this month. Last year, federal COVID relief and spending cuts allowed the city to finish the year with about $17 million more than it started 2020. For context, the $153 million anticipated from the latest COVID relief bill is nearly 90% of what the city generates a year in taxes, fees and assessments, which feed the general revenue fund. Now, the city has significantly more money to put toward curbing rampant gun violence. At 15 killings so far this year, Akron is on track to shatter the homicide record set in 2020. Firearms are used in the vast majority of the murders and about half of all suicides. “One is too many and 15 is a tragedy,” Horrigan said. “I think it’s the plethora of legal and illegal guns that are out there. I’ve never been one to say that people shouldn’t own them. But I think there is a significant […]

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