Albert Bruns: The 2nd Amendment

Editor: In my 52 years of voting in national and local elections, I have never told anyone who to vote for. I will however tell them who I won’t vote for and why. I will never vote for anyone who denies the second amendment right to arms. In my 27 years in the military I got to see how unarmed peoples were treated by their governments. Apparently Mark Kelley crossed his fingers when he swore to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Like the ACLU he defends the first and third though 24th but not the Second. He even loaned his wife’s name to the most anti Second Amendment law firm in the nation, The Giffords Law Center (…to provide assistance to promote gun control and oppose firearm ownership). If you own a firearm Mark is not your friend nor should he be your choice. Of course Joe Biden and Harris also said many times we are going to come get them. If you don’t think these people are serious guess again. If Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris win and take the senate they will sign the U.N. Treaty on small arms which will vacate the Constitution as a Treaty is the highest law of the land. Be careful of what you wish for folks. Those of you are Trump haters, think carefully especially in Arizona. Albert Bruns Lake Havasu City

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