AMA is right about gun safety

The American Medical Association has adopted a list of 20 public health issues dealing with gun safety. Among them are a ban on the sale and ownership of assault-type weapons. The words in the Second Amendment — “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” — were written when the flintlock rifle was the choice of firearm. If a person uses a flintlock to shoot at someone less than hundred feet away and misses, the target has a good chance of running up and clubbing the shooter before he can reload. The National Rifle Association claims that stockpiling modern military assault rifles with high-capacity magazines, high-caliber handguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition is constitutional. But that’s an armory, not a firearm. Building personal armories has never been constitutional, nor would the framers of the Constitution have allowed such weapons to be available to the public. Contact your representative to support all of the AMA proposals for handgun safety. The time is long overdue to rule this country using reason and rationality.

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