America’s New Rule of Thumb

America’s New Rule of Thumb Is Texas Senate Bill 8 only the beginning? If it wasn’t so insulting to primates, it looks as if some of the most vocal anti-abortion lawmakers in North Dakota wish to adapt a monkey see monkey do attitude, according to a September 2 AP article quoting GOP State Sen. Janne Myrdal, who is one of the Legislature’s most vehement anti-abortion lawmakers. She “assumes” legislation will be crafted, eventually, that uses the Texas law as a template. There are currently seven states examining this law including North Dakota. Well, you know what they say about assuming too, but then again with the aforementioned that also might be an insult to asses. Janne, as a lawmaker, you can’t just cite passages from the Constitution like you cite passages from the Bible to fit your agenda. A women’s right to abortion is protected by the Supreme Court decision of Roe V. Wade (1973). Not only is this proposed legislation unconstitutional. You also seem to be forgetting about the separation of church and state and if that’s the case you should really reconsider your position as a lawmaker due to your clear bias and unwillingness to uphold the Constitution. Can you imagine if folks were as adamant about protecting human rights as they are to protect gun rights? In case you missed it, last April Gov. Burgum announced North Dakota as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State.” Actually, can you imagine if our lawmakers were as adamant about making laws about men’s bodies […]

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