Amy Barrett isn’t the best choice for SCOTUS

Republicans would be missing the chance to place a proven 2nd amendment supporting judge to the court. Both Hardiman and Kavanaugh have concrete judicial paper trails supporting gun rights. Barrett has never commented or ruled on a case for us to have a clue about her 2nd amendment views. With either of the two I mentioned we don’t have to just hope they will side to expand gun rights. Her qualifications being she is a attractive female Catholic law professor that Democrats at least pretend to not like. If you favor expanding the protections of the 2nd amendment and/ or a fiscal conservative. You should not want to gamble with Mrs Barrett decisions regarding your rights IMO. She is favored by social conservatives on the pipe dream of repealing Roe v Wade. Which in her own words from 5 years ago. Favored more welfare as the way to discourage abortion. Which would of course be a result of overturning Roe v Wade anyways. “I think it is very unlikely at this point that the court is going to overturn Roe [v. Wade], or Roe [v. Wade] as curbed by [Planned Parenthood v.] Casey. The fundamental element, that the woman has a right to choose abortion, will probably stand,” she said. “The controversy right now is about funding. It’s a question of whether abortions will be publicly or privately funded.” Barrett said it is important to recognize the emotional and physical difficulty of carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term. […]

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