Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing: Day 2

Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing: Day 2

Sen. Thom Tillis’ doctor clears him to attend the hearing in-person after Covid-19 diagnosis Sen. Thom Tillis, who CNN already reported would appear in person today, has released a letter from his physician clearing him to participate in-person in the confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett today. Tillis tested positive for coronavirus just days after attending a White House event where President Trump nominated Barrett. In the letter, Tillis’ personal physician said the senator fulfilled the requirements to end isolation yesterday afternoon. Here’s what Tillis’ personal physician, Dr. Faircloth, wrote: “ The CDC guidelines for ending isolation re: those that know they are positive for the new coronavirus are simple. Regarding your case, there are 3 criteria that are CDC guidelines to meet. One must complete 10 days of quarantine from testing positive when they were diagnosed asymptomatically like yourself. Second, one must be fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducers. Last, one must have all other symptoms improve. You will fulfill all of these CDC criteria of ending your COVID-19 isolation at 4 pm today, 10/12/2020.” Tillis’ office also announced he’s enrolled in an antibody study and will soon join a UNC effort to study immunology and Covid-19 Democrats brought up Obamacare at yesterday’s hearing. Here’s why. Senate Democrats were united in driving home one message in their opening remarks during the first day day of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing : President Trump’s nominee could threaten the future of the Affordable […]

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