Anger as Bolsonaro moves to make guns easier to access: ‘A threat to democracy’

Anger as Bolsonaro moves to make guns easier to access: 'A threat to democracy'

Jair Bolsonaro’s latest efforts to make guns more easily available to Brazilians have sparked anger and trepidation with some calling the moves a threat to the South American country’s young democracy. Brazil’s pro-gun president announced four presidential decrees designed to facilitate legal access to weapons on Saturday morning, as the country’s coronavirus death toll swelled to nearly 240,000. The changes, which came into effect immediately, increase the number of firearms and the amount of ammunition citizens can legally buy and make such weapons easier to acquire, stripping back federal police and army oversight of gun ownership. Hunters can now buy 30 guns each and sports shooters up to 60. “The people are pumped,” Bolsonaro, a former army captain whose political movement’s trademark salute is a two-fingered gun sign, bragged on Sunday. Bolsonaro’s politician sons, who are the leading lights of Brazil’s burgeoning gun movement, also celebrated a move experts say is designed to excite the president’s hardcore base. “Shooting’s a sport. Demonizing it is part of a dictatorial leftist plan,” tweeted Eduardo Bolsonaro, a congressman who is Steve Bannon’s regional representative and often poses with guns on social media. Gun control campaigners and Bolsonaro’s opponents are appalled, warning his relaxation of gun laws was helping organized crime groups to expand their arsenals and would make one of the world’s most violent countries even more violent. Gun ownership and imports have soared since Bolsonaro took office in January 2019 and began issuing a succession of decrees – some of which […]

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