Angered by election’s outcome, hundreds of Trump supporters protest at Roundhouse

Angered by election's outcome, hundreds of Trump supporters protest at Roundhouse

A few hundred New Mexicans gathered outside the Roundhouse Saturday to protest Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. News of Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory sent a few hundred New Mexicans for Trump to the Roundhouse on Saturday. With guns and rosaries, protesters screamed baseless claims of election fraud here and across the country. "I won my campaign. But did they call me? No. They gave it to Liz Stefanics because they came up with 3,000 plus votes after 11 p.m. when they shut down the county and said, ‘Hey, go home, you’re tired, we’ll start the counting in the morning,’ " Joey Tiano, who ran for a seat in the state Senate, told a crowd of around 350 mostly unmasked Trump supporters. "At midnight, the campaign for Liz Stefanics had thousands of votes more. That’s the proof in my heart that the campaign was stolen. We need a recount." Stefanics, a Democratic incumbent, defeated Tiano in the race for Senate District 39, which includes parts of Santa Fe, San Miguel, Torrance, Bernalillo, Valencia and Lincoln counties, with 55 percent of over 22,000 votes. Members of both cowboys and bikers for Trump also spoke as did anti-abortion and Second Amendment activists. "We allowed this to happen. We felt too complacent. We felt too comfortable," said Stephen Garrett, who organized past protests over the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act that enables law enforcement officers to petition for a court order to take away a person’s firearms for up to one year […]

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