Anti-Gun Chicago Alderman Now Under Corruption Indictment Had 23 Guns at Office

Long-time Chicago Alderman Ed Burke has been a staunch opponent of the Second Amendment. But after being arrested and indicted on corruption charges, officials found 23 guns hidden in his aldermanic offices. Burke has always been against the Second Amendment… for you and me. But imagine how this story would be reported if it was just a regular guy instead of a Chicago powerbroker who has been plying his corrupt practices for over 50 years. If this was just a business owner, the media would have been all over him for hiding an “arsenal of guns” in his offices. Trending: WATCH: Geraldo Rivera Gets SERIOUS Slap Down After Trying to Defend Murder of Innocent Americans Burke was arrested for trying to force the owner of a fast food chain to purchase his services as an attorney in exchange for helping the business owner navigate the city’s arcane regulations and requirements for businesses. An illegal quid pro quo. The feds have emails and recorded phone calls that they say proves their allegations of corruption. It appears that Burke’s goose is finally cooked. All that being said, the feds also noted that Burke had a large number of firearms hidden in his government offices. According to CBS Chicago : …prosecutors revealed Thursday that nearly two dozen firearms were discovered in Ald. Ed Burke’s offices during their raids in November. It’s still not known if the guns that were found in November were discovered at Burke’s ward office or at City Hall, […]

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