Anti-gun voices wanted: Toastmasters group tries to put gun control debates back on target

Tulsa’s Second Amendment Toastmasters Club — a 4-year-old community group of mostly hardcore supporters of the constitutional right to own and carry firearms — is looking for a few good folks to voice anti-gun points of view. Michael Phillips, a past president of the group and Toastmaster member since 1982, put the reason behind the desire to recruit new members succinctly. “It can get a little boring with a room full of people who all feel pretty much the same way,” he said. Pretty much, anyway; the club founder is a guy who openly admits he voted for Bernie Sanders. “They know I voted for Bernie, and they still let me sit at the table, so it’s a pretty accepting group,” said founder and current president Ernie Raynor. “I’m kind of in the middle, not what they call a constitutionalist, but not anti-gun by any means.” Raynor has a standing order with Camo Cafe’s longtime manager, Martha Milan, to bake two dozen brownies for each meeting. The cafe is located in the back of Sports World at 6841 E. 41st St. The next meeting is 10-11:30 a.m. June 9. The group ranges from about a dozen to 20 people, just the right size for the gun shop cafe, Raynor said. He had to admit that the location probably is one strike against the group for attracting anti-gun members, however. “It’s just a perfect little spot, and it’s free,” he said. “We couldn’t meet at a library. Someone who follows […]

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