Apartment complex’s new firearms ban infuriates gun-rights advocates

Apartment complex's new firearms ban infuriates gun-rights advocates

The owners of the Richardson Lofts at 50 Columbia St., Newark, shown here in a 2011 file photo, have banned guns on the property, drawing the ire of gun-rights advocates. (Eliot Caroom/The Star-Ledger) Want to own guns in Newark? Don’t move into the Richardson Lofts , whose owners are taking a firearm-free stance that’s riling gun enthusiasts in the Garden State. In a posted notice to residents of the apartments, published online Wednesday by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society , RPM Development said that as of May 1, firearms are no longer allowed inside the upscale building on Columbia Street. Persons familiar with the Newark apartment building confirmed to NJ Advance Media the policy notice was authentic. Residents found to be keeping firearms on the properties in violation of the policy risk being ordered to vacate their apartments, according to the notice. In emailed remarks to NJ Advance Media, Second Amendment Society president Alexander Roubian took issue with a rule he said risked the safety of the building’s residents. "The United States Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to possess a firearm in their home for self-defense," he said. "Also, since criminals do not obey laws RPM has put their tenant’s safety in serious jeopardy by guaranteeing easy and defenseless victims for criminals." "I challenge RPM’s founder and president, Edward G. Martoglio, to put a large sign on his front lawn stating ‘THIS HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE,’" Roubian said. "If they do […]

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