April 10 letters

Gun Rights

World War III on Francis Farm Road To the editor: The Second Amendment refers to the right of citizens to carry arms for the purposes of self defense (Columbia v Heller, 1939.) In a later Supreme Court hearing (US v. Miller), the interpretation rights referred to “…(p)reserving the authority of the states to maintain militias.” A third Supreme Court opinion written by Justice Antonin Scalia indicated the, “…right to keep and bear arms is subject to regulation … and prohibitions on the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons….” In 2016 Francis Farm citizens shared their opposition to an indoor shooting range with county commissions. Their concern was that outdoor shooting ranges would follow. Citizens asked that the commissions consider regulations to protect public safety and avoid undue sound resonance from outdoor gunfire. In three years, residents have been bombarded with outdoor shooting by private citizens, some residents in the area, and others allowed on private property to discharge firearms. The shooting lasts early morning to dusk. When complaints by residents are voiced, the shooting gets more intense. Gunfire consists of .22 caliber rifles, shotguns that pack a heavy rebounding sound, and rapid fire weapons that have obviously been modified. It sounds like World War III. In addition, a helicopter is flying by. At the end of the day, I am feeling stressed by the constant battle in my neighborhood. The sheriff’s representatives tell me “…people can do as they wish on their own property.” I remind them of the […]

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