Argument not really about Second Amendment

After reading an Aug. 8 letter about “arms for liberty,” I was amazed by several things. First, if letter writer had entered Australian gun laws into a search engine, he would have found that only assault style (AR15, AK47) weapons were banned, reducing gun related deaths. Second, he quotes a judge who believes these weapons are perfect for home defense. Sure, if you want to shoot your assailant, then have the bullet continue through a wall, kill your sleeping child, take out your wife, exit the house and land somewhere in the chest of your neighbor. A 22-caliber revolver will work just fine. Third, and most telling, is his statement about fraudulent elections by the Democrats. The proof? None. But we do have proof of one thing, that it wasn’t Democrats trying to overthrow our government on Jan. 6 nor Democrats taking away voting rights without any proof of fraud. The writer’s letters have never been about the Second Amendment for that right has never been in danger. It has always been about an addiction to a particular weapon. Maybe all those “militias” would just feel naked against unarmed Democrats without their precious assault weapons. Walla Walla

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