Arguments against SDARJ gun control

To the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice: Did you ever really think about that permit system in SB3, would cost and how it is racist? First off a gun safety course is not free, it runs around $125 per person or higher; fingerprints are not free either. I say its racist because it prices poorer people from the worst hit black communities in Wilmington and other cities out of reach. And those are the communities that are hardest hit by gun violence. They need protection just like people elsewhere. As far as high capacity magazines, let me say that AR15 rifles come with a standard 20 round mag. Some pistols have a standard 15-round mag. Just within the last year or two you could get a 30-round mag for the AR. Don’t know of any pistols with more than 15 rounds, there are probably some, but not common. SB3, HB125 and SB6 will do nothing to reduce gun violence, and I say that because no street criminal will obey any of those laws. They will acquire guns from illegal sources, and be dammed to your anti-gun laws. Anyone who believes that that has to be some kind of special stupid. We already have background checks at the point of sale, and if you don’t have a state or government ID you don’t get a gun. Now you state that Biden says criminals are buying kits to make their own gun that can be finished in 30 minutes; thats […]

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