Arkansas governor vetoes bill nullifying gun restrictions

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Friday vetoed legislation that would prohibit local police from enforcing federal gun laws, saying the measure would jeopardize law enforcement and the public. The Republican governor rejected the measure sent him by the majority-GOP Legislature that would have imposed criminal fines on state and local officers for assisting with enforcing federal firearms restrictions that the bill’s backers say infringe on the Second Amendment. The Legislature could still enact the bill by overriding Hutchinson’s veto through a simple majority vote. "The partnership between state and federal law enforcement officers is essential for the safety of Arkansas citizens," Hutchinson wrote in a letter to legislative leaders. "This bill will break that partnership and put the safety of Arkansans at risk." It was unclear whether lawmakers would seek an override of Hutchinson’s veto. The Legislature is expected to wrap up this year’s session on Tuesday. The bill’s sponsor has argued it wouldn’t prevent any cooperation with federal authorities, only on current or future restrictions that violate the Second Amendment. "The federal government is not the law of the land. The Constitution is the law of the land," Republican Sen. Gary Stubblefield, the bill’s sponsor, said in a debate on the bill last month Stubblefield did not immediately return messages seeking comment. Lawmakers in more than a dozen states have introduced similar bills this year seeking to nullify federal gun laws. Arizona earlier this month enacted a nullification measure similar to the one […]

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