'Arms are for hugs': US students march to end gun violence

‘Arms are for hugs’: US students march to end gun violence

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Students march from the White House to Capitol Hill to protest the lack of gun control laws. [Ola Salem/Al Jazeera] Washington, DC – Hundreds of students have staged a school walkout and marched from the White House to Capitol Hill to demand stricter gun control laws. On Thursday, politicians who strongly support gun-control reforms joined the students who descended to the capital from over a dozen high schools in the Washington, DC, Maryland and northern Virginia-area. "Show me what democracy looks like," 16-year-old Sofia Hidalgo from Albert Einstein High School in Maryland chanted as she marched past Trump International Hotel on her way to Capitol Hill while others booed at the hotel. "This is what democracy looks like," protesters shouted. Hidalgo, who plans to go to Florida when she finishes her schooling, has been actively involved in protests against gun violence after the 2018 Parkland shooting in Florida left 17 people dead . While mass shootings have plagued the US for years, the Parkland shooting marked a pivotal moment as students-turned-activists led a nationwide movement to end gun violence . "We are privileged, we are here in the capital where the politicians we are trying to convince are as well. They are right next door," she said holding up a banner that read: "Arms are for hugs". Since the Parkland shooting, her school – as many others across the United States – have taken extra precautions to keep unauthorised people off their grounds, including installing extra hallway doors and […]

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