As Advocates Push For Gun Control, Business Is Booming For Springfield’s Smith & Wesson

As Advocates Push For Gun Control, Business Is Booming For Springfield's Smith & Wesson

Cynthia English loads her Smith and Wesson revolver. (Jesse Costa/WBUR) Following mass shootings in Boulder , Colorado and Atlanta , Georgia, there’s a new push to pass stricter gun laws in Washington. But at America’s biggest gun maker, Smith & Wesson in Springfield, business has never been better. In the latest quarter , the company sold more than 600,000 guns and accessories — a quarter of a billion dollars worth of weapons. That represents a doubling of sales from a year ago, the company’s third consecutive record-breaking quarter. Some of the demand appears to be fueled by fear that customers won’t be able to buy weapons later if President Biden and Congress agree to limit gun sales. But Smith & Wesson, which manufactures pistols, revolvers and rifles, said the sales are also fueled by new gun owners, especially women and people of color. Over the past year, more than 8 million Americans bought their first firearm from Smith & Wesson. And the company sponsors videos aimed at women who are just learning to load and fire a gun. "The industry is not only growing but also diversifying, with women and minorities making up over 40% of the overall purchases," said Mark Smith, chief executive of Smith & Wesson, as he delivered good news to investors last month. The big jump in gun sales doesn’t surprise Kerrie Ann Auclair, the Massachusetts director of the DC Project , a Second Amendment advocacy group for women. Auclair also leads a firearms training […]

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