ASK THE SHERIFF: Enforcement, not more gun laws, is what's needed

ASK THE SHERIFF: Enforcement, not more gun laws, is what’s needed

Gun Rights

Sheriff Brad Rogers DEAR SHERIFF: What is your opinion about the Aug. 26 shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, and are you ready to concede we need more gun control as a result? ANSWER: The shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, occurred during a video game tournament at a Chicago Pizza restaurant at the waterfront venue called the Jacksonville Landing. This location is a popular place for public events such as concerts, festivals, as well as joggers and walkers seeking exercise. Due to his murderous rampage, I will not have the shooter’s name memorialized in this column. Three people were killed, including the killer, and at least 11 others injured by gun fire by the killer, according to reports. In November 2017, I was in Jacksonville to attend the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies where the sheriff’s office received its 10th re-accreditation. The conference was in the hotel adjacent to the Jacksonville Landing and myself and other department members ate at restaurants and walked on trails at the very Landing where this shooting occurred. I always notice and am intrigued by signs proclaiming gun-free zones. The Jacksonville Landing had such a sign. The signs contain an illogical premise that states the ridiculous ban as though it’s a magic wand that will prevent a tragedy such as occurred on Sunday. Criminals don’t obey laws. Criminal won’t obey signs. Law enforcement officers won’t be a victim because they are carrying a gun. Only law abiding citizens, in a state with the most concealed […]

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