Attorney analyzes impact of Rep. Gaetz’s ‘National Stand Your Ground Act’

Attorney analyzes impact of Rep. Gaetz's 'National Stand Your Ground Act'

SOURCE: Rep Matt Gaetz

{/p} PENSACOLA, Fla. — Channel 3 is taking a closer look at Congressman Matt Gaetz’s proposed “National Stand Your Ground Act.” Gaetz introduced the act Monday to bring Florida’s self-defense protections to other states across the country. Florida passed its own stand-your-ground law over 16 years ago. Gaetz says he wants to extend those protections to other states. An attorney Channel 3 spoke to explains what impact, if any, the bill could have if passed. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office reported four homicides found to be stand-your-ground cases in 2021. Surveillance footage captured one of them, showing a man breaking into a home. The woman inside the home shot and killed him. The state attorney’s office believes the woman acted in self-defense — and never filed charges. Congressman Gaetz spoke about the “National Stand Your Ground Act” on his Firebrand podcast. His goal is to bring Florida’s law across to other states without it. “The government doesn’t get to presume us guilty because we exercise our second amendment right,” Gaetz said. The congressman believes the Kyle Rittenhouse case emphasized the need for self-defense protections beyond the home. “There is no reason protections for a victim should end at the threshold or the doorstep,” Gaetz said. Surveillance footage also captured a 2014 case where the video shows a man chasing out an intruder with gunfire. Channel 3 spoke to Chris Klotz, the attorney who represented the man. The jury found the man not guilty. “A young man […]

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