Backers of amendment to ban sanctuary cities say it wouldn’t affect gun-rights declarations

Gun Rights

BULLHEAD CITY — Concerns about a proposed constitutional amendment to ban the creation of immigration sanctuary cities also affecting actions by elected officials to protect Second Amendment rights are unnecessary, according to elected officials at the Arizona State Capitol. “Reckless sanctuary city policies that impede the ability of our law enforcement to do their jobs have no place in Arizona. This amendment lets the people’s voice be heard and gives all Arizonans the chance to stand up for the rule of law,” said Arizona House Speaker Pro Tempore T.J. Shope, R-District 8. Shope introduced HCR 2036, titled the “Law Enforcement Cooperation Act,” which would amend the state constitution and add another area to Article II, its Declaration of Rights. Gov. Doug Ducey has expressed support for HCR 2036. “Arizona welcomes people from all over the country and the world. We’re also a state that supports the rule of law, and will continue to be,” Ducey said in a news release issued a week ago by the state House of Representatives. “Supporting public safety is an issue that people of all parties can get behind.” “Section 38 — Restrictions on law enforcement cooperation; sanctuary jurisdiction; prohibitions” starts off thusly: “This state or any county, city, town or political subdivision of this state may not declare itself a sanctuary jurisdiction that through statute, regulation, ordinance, resolution, policy, rule or procedure prohibits or restricts any law enforcement entity from either: …” The legislation then spells out immigration-related situations the sponsors want to […]

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