Barre Town balks on gun support resolution

Gun Rights

BARRE TOWN – A conflicted Select Board has decided not to adopt a resolution calling for Barre Town to be a “Second Amendment sanctuary” municipality. Rather, it is drafting a statement of support for gun rights. At its regular meeting Tuesday, the board took up a request by Gun Owners of Vermont to adopt the resolution. It calls for “the defense of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.” Over a dozen residents were at the meeting to support the resolution. If adopted, Barre Town would declare itself “to be a Second Amendment and Article Sixteen, Constitutional Gun Owner township.” The resolution references portions of the U.S. and Vermont Constitutions in relation to gun ownership. It also would have declared all federal and state laws and regulations attempting to restrict gun rights to be “null and void.” The resolution was first presented to the board two weeks ago, but board members said they needed some time to think it over and wanted input from town attorney Michael Monte. Monte looked over the resolution and sent the board his thoughts. He said the resolution is not legally accurate. Monte pointed out while the resolution states it’s the “inalienable right of all persons within its boundaries to keep and bear arms,” that’s not true. He said felons are not allowed to have guns which has been deemed constitutional. He said under Vermont law, municipalities also don’t have the right to declare state or federal laws null and void. He said he […]

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