Base Officials Threaten No Support Of Businesses Over Gun Range Criticism

Officials on Joint Base Cape Cod have reacted to regional criticism over a proposed Multi-Purpose Machine Gun Range by threatening to withhold financial support of local businesses. Soldiers training on the base will be directed to remain on base for all activities, notably meals, which means no patronizing area restaurants or other businesses. In an email to Christopher Adams, co-chair of the Military-Civilian Community Council, dated Tuesday, June 1, Joint Base Cape Cod executive director Brigadier General (Ret.) Christopher M. Faux wrote that he will be recommending to the Adjutant General a conditional confinement for soldiers training on the base over the summer. The recommendation, Gen. Faux said, is due to a lack of local support for the proposed gun range. The general said he will also issue a letter to all full-time employees on the base “identifying how this lack of community support could affect their jobs/positions.” The letter will recommend base employees “spend money on the other side of the bridge; showing the community the direct impact of the loss of their employment.” “It truly saddens me to even consider taking these steps,” Gen. Faux wrote, “but I am more saddened by the lack of support from the businesses on Cape.” The email came two days ahead of a remote Zoom meeting of the Science Advisory Council on Thursday, June 3. The council approved the gun range, despite reservations expressed by members over potential environmental impacts. The meeting included members of the advisory council, base officials and […]

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