Beneficial bills get through Senate

This past Thursday, we hit the March 11 deadline for the full Senate to vote on bills that were originally introduced in this chamber and that survived the committee process. In this final week of floor votes on Senate measures, we voted on just over 250 bills, working long days and well into the evenings. But when all was said and done, we passed a lot of good legislation that will benefit hard working Oklahomans right here in Senate District 27. Some of you may remember what dire straits Oklahoma was in back in 2017 when low energy prices impacted our economy and state revenues. Among the measures to close the budget gap that year was a bill removing 1.25% of a sales tax exemption on motor vehicles and trailers. It was never intended to be permanent, and the goal was to repeal that change as soon as possible. This week, the full Senate joined together to reinstate the full sales tax exemption, fulfilling that promise to our citizens. Since I first came to the Oklahoma Legislature, I have worked to pass measures that protect and strengthen the Second Amendment rights of our citizens. We’ve now passed legislation I co-authored to further protect those rights. The Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act would preempt any legislation by any agency or political subdivision of the state to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of our citizens. The full Senate also approved my bill ensuring the rights of Oklahomans to transport loaded, […]

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