Bernie Sanders: “Unspeakable” For Congress To Do Nothing About Gun Violence

Bernie Sanders: "Unspeakable" For Congress To Do Nothing About Gun Violence

The Vermont senator said legislators will need to stand up to the NRA to get something done on the issue of gun control. When asked by ‘Meet The Press’ host Chuck Todd if the Senate had done enough to prevent school shootings, Sanders said: "Of course not." “But it’s like every other issue," Sanders said, "the American people are united overwhelmingly — gun owners, non-gun owners — on common sense gun safety legislation. Expand background checks, do away with the gun show loophole." "It is unspeakable," he added. "It really is, to see that kids all over this country who go to a place where they should feel safe where they can focus on learning are now worried about the things we saw in Texas or Florida a few months ago. It’s unspeakable." SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, (I) VERMONT: Good to be with you. TODD: So, let me ask you to respond to the concern now that you’ve heard from national Democrats — and I know technically your organization didn’t back Ms. Eastman in Nebraska, but many other progressives did — and they’re now — they’re not writing the race off, but they are now backing off on their hopes of what they think, oh, she’s not electable enough. What do you say to national Democrats who say, you know what, be careful of this nominating folks that are too progressive? SANDERS: I think that they are wrong. And I think they are misreading where the American people are at. […]

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