Biden and Cobb support US Constitution

The right of Americans to own a gun is at the forefront of the U.S. Constitution. Those of us who respect the Constitution and support it see it crumbling before us. So many of those elected who have vowed to uphold the Constitution do not uphold it. We have people in power who tell us that the Democrats will take our guns because they want to scare us. Who do you think is really going to take our guns? The people who support the U.S. Constitution or the people who fly in the face of it? When the GOP gets rid of the Constitution in order to stay in power, our Second Amendment will be gone, too. I support Joe Biden and I support Tedra Cobb because they support the Constitution of the United States. Tedra’s brother hunts. She’s not going to take away our guns. She’s one of us. She lives here. She cares about the north country and the Constitution. Our vote this November is for the future of our democracy and the continued existence of the U.S. Constitution, the Constitution that says we have the right to bear arms. Vote Biden. Vote Cobb.

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