Biden, Democrats Gunning for Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is in grave danger from Democrats now that they control Congress and the presidency, say gun rights advocates. The left is attacking the right to bear arms on multiple fronts, from a New York attorney general’s lawsuit against the National Rifle Association to a House bill that aims to raise the minimum age for gun ownership to 21, create a national firearms registry, and impose psychological evaluations on gun buyers. In addition, Second Amendment rights are under attack in many states, including Virginia, which has an open carry law, but now local lawmakers have imposed a ban on firearm possession in parks and in areas adjacent to certain events. In addition, among other draconian measures Democrats are trying to enact to diminish the rights of gun owners are: By becoming an exclusive Newsmax Platinum member, you receive: special investigative reports breaking political insider news, including VIP interviews from Washington in-depth interviews with A-list celebs driving the day’s headlines thousands of articles you won’t find anywhere else! All just by becoming a Newsmax Platinum Member today! Sign Up for Platinum Access Login © 2021 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

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