Biden’s First 100 Days: Examining the Record on Gun Violence

Biden's First 100 Days: Examining the Record on Gun Violence

Alex Wong/Getty Images It’s a staggering number: as of last week, there have been 147 mass shooting events in the United States (defined as three or more people being shot) so far in 2021. From Atlanta to Boulder to Indianapolis and many more across the country. “We’re seeing the reality of too many years of failure play out in front of our eyes these past few weeks with day after day of shootings. There’s a lot of work to do, President Biden is engaged, he wants gun safety legislation passed,” said Fred Guttenberg, who became a gun safety activist after his daughter, Jaime, was murdered in the Parkland massacre. Guttenberg says Biden has made a good start on curbing gun violence without infringing on gun rights, pointing out his recently-signed executive orders regulating so-called ghost guns, adding money to the School Violence Protection program, and encouraging states to pass red flag laws, as Florida already did. Red flag laws, also called extreme risk protection order laws, allow police to seize guns from people deemed to be mentally unstable. “We passed gun safety in Florida after Parkland, we did, we raised the age to 21, we passed red flag laws, we put in process a waiting period, there’s not a single lawful gun owner that spends one second thinking about what we did in Florida because it doesn’t affect them,” Guttenberg said, referring to the law signed by former Gov. Rick Scott just weeks after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High […]

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