Biden’s gun regulations could affect Ark-La-Tex gun owners

Biden's gun regulations could affect Ark-La-Tex gun owners

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana ( KTBS ) — President Biden Monday announced new regulations of what the administration is calling “ghost guns.” The White House hopes these regulations will make guns more traceable and help reduce crime. “A ghost gun is nothing more than a made-up term that they’re trying to use to install fear,” said Paul Braun who trains police and military on firearms use. “Ever since the founding and inception of our nation, we have always been allowed as a private citizen to manufacture or make your own gun. Where the law comes into effect is where you can only make it for yourself. And you’re not allowed to sell them, give them or transfer them or gift them to another person. If you do this, then technically speaking you become a manufacturer.” He added that the new rules would place a greater burden on gun owners and dealers. “It would force the individual to become a federal licensed firearms dealer. An FFL holder is what you find when you go to a traditional gun shop. Where they buy from a manufacturer and sell to the general public, they need to have what’s called a federal firearms license,” Braun says. Constitutional attorney Royal Alexander says it’s important to remember that this is an executive order and is open to future challenge. “He can use executive orders to tell those agencies, directly under his control as the Chief executive. It doesn’t have to go through Congress, it’s not a law, […]

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