Bill aiming to nullify federal gun laws approved by Missouri House

JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri House gave initial approval to a bill that would prevent local law enforcement from enforcing a series of federal gun laws. Sponsored by Rep. Jered Taylor , R-Republic, House Bill 85 , titled the “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” aims to empower “Missouri’s ability to self-govern without control by the federal government.” The bill states that any federal gun law or act deemed to infringe on Missourians’ right to keep and bear arms in accordance with the Second Amendment cannot be enforced by state law officers. It lists a number of federal actions that would amount to infringement, including unique taxes on firearms, seizure of guns from law-abiding citizens and registration of firearms that may cause a chilling effect on their purchase. “This isn’t a new bill,” Taylor said. “In 2013-2014, this legislature approved SAPA, they passed it through the House and Senate, went to the governor, that was Democrat [Jay] Nixon (who) vetoed the bill [and] we missed the override by one vote.” Almost every session since then, the bill has been reintroduced, ultimately failing to cross the finish line each time. Republican and Democrat lawmakers remain at odds over the implications of the legislation. Numerous representatives discussed the bill and its amendments. Along with Taylor, a persistent voice was Rep. Peter Merideth, D-St. Louis City. Initially, the bill would have held individual officers liable for violations of the act. After pushback, Taylor introduced an amendment, approved by the House, to allow people to […]

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