Bill Blair is the best person to combat gun violence

Canadians should celebrate the appointment of former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to the newly created position of Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction. There just isn’t a better person in the country for this job. From his years as a beat cop to running Toronto’s police, he’s shown the toughness, the leadership, the integrity to take on some of the toughest tasks imaginable. He’s done it respecting everyone’s rights. And he’s always achieved solid results, making our communities safer. Bill Blair is sworn in as Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction during a swearing in ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on Wednesday. The prime minister has also given him specific responsibility to combat gun violence. That’s great news, too. As Toronto’s police chief he fought the good fight against Stephen Harper, as he dismantled the firearms registry. He and other police chiefs across the country were unable to prevail against Harper’s majority government. But they understood why the registry was important and how it was saving lives. Blair’s new job puts him in a position to fight for Canadians against the spread of gun violence — and win. And here’s the perfect place to start: overhauling your own government’s gun legislation, which will be voted on in the Senate in the fall. This past spring, the federal government introduced legislation to beef up gun control in Canada. The problem is it doesn’t go far enough. Truth be told, it’s as if the good […]

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