Bill To Make Wisconsin ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Clears Legislature

Bill To Make Wisconsin 'Second Amendment Sanctuary' Clears Legislature

Wisconsin Republicans sent a variety of bills to the governor’s desk Wednesday, from a measure seeking to exempt the state from federal gun laws, to bills that would change the rules for local redistricting and county opioid lawsuits. While the plans zipped through the Legislature, some appear to be headed for vetoes by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, though the future of other proposals passed Wednesday remains unclear. Here’s a rundown of Wednesday’s Senate votes. Second Amendment Sanctuary Wisconsin would proclaim itself a "Second Amendment Sanctuary" state under a bill senators sent to the governor’s desk on a voice vote. Just what that means would be expansive. Guns made here after the bill becomes law would have to be stamped "Made in Wisconsin." Guns that are built here and never leave the state would, according to the bill, not be subject to federal regulation. Certain types of federal gun laws would be unenforceable, according to the bill. That includes any federal "act, law, statute, rule, regulation, treaty, or order" that bans or restricts a broad range of weapons, including semi-automatic firearms or assault weapons. The federal government would also be banned from prohibiting certain types of bullets, and the bill would ban the federal government from requiring the registration of firearms. Given the likelihood of a lawsuit should the plan become law, the bill includes instructions for how it should be defended in court. Specifically, it says the Legislature is using its authority under "the second, ninth, and tenth amendments […]

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