Bill will help survivors of gun violence

The mass shooting Tuesday at a health care clinic in Buffalo, Minn., added to the daily carnage of gun violence in the United States, which averages more than 312 gunshot victims a day. Congress and state legislatures have the authority but lack the will to diminish that toll because too many legislators hold guns, or at least gun lobby money, above the 114,000 Americans who become so much collateral damage every year. Gun violence is so common in the United States that all but the most heinous incidents have little staying power in the public’s memory. It is to the great credit of U.S. Sen. Bob Casey of Scranton and U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans of Philadephia that they have remembered the victims of gun violence — people who too often have scant resources to rebuild their lives after getting caught in the maw of the nation’s gun obsession. They have introduced, for the second time, the Resources for Victims of Gun Violence Act. It would require the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other federal agencies to work through an advisory council to identify the needs of gunshot survivors regarding health care, housing, transportation, education, employment and myriad other aspects of everyday life that are stolen from victims. That the bill must be introduced more than once itself is a testament to the power of the gun lobby over Congress. This has nothing to do with gun rights. It is about helping survivors of […]

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