Black Guns Matter bringing gun rights workshop to Chicago’s African-American community

Black Guns Matter bringing gun rights workshop to Chicago's African-American community

Maj Toure, of Philadelphia, the founder of Black Guns Matter, attends the 2018 National Rifle Association annual meeting in Dallas on May 4, 2018. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times) As hip hop artist Maj Toure toured the country, he kept hearing the same stories of African-Americans facing gun charges because they didn’t know they were supposed to, for example, have a concealed carry permit. Those stories and others about convicted felons having gun rights revoked prompted Toure, of Philadephia, to create the grass-roots organization Black Guns Matter and take his message of gun rights and firearms education to African-American communities all over. That includes Chicago, where he’s spending a month doing outreach and a training session this weekend. In two years, the group has raised thousands of dollars to host training sessions across the country, even getting a helping hand from members of the National Rifle Association . Toure’s effort comes at a time when everyone from lawmakers to teenagers are debating gun control as the nation comes to grips with headline after headling about mass shootings in this country. While the workshops have covered a range of topics, Saturday’s training session in Chicago will be geared toward convicted felons and their families. While experts say it’s difficult for convicted felons to have their gun rights restored, Toure hopes Saturday’s session might spark a conversation about what could be done to change that, particularly for those convicted of nonviolent offenses. “I personally believe that when you do […]

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